Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge: Day 5


What is talent? Where does it come from?

I’ve been pondering this today because of the picture above. The character’s name is Professor Sparkles, he comes from the show Dr. Dimensionpants. It was drawn freehand by my 8 year old son.

Now, I don’t want to be one of those parents that see’s genius in their own child where it clearly isn’t. This isn’t a “mine is bigger than yours” contest. In my experience though this is well beyond the work I’ve seen from his peers. Sure he draws a lot, but so does every other kid I know. He picks up things though, like perspective for instance, seemingly on his own. Which brings me back to my original point.

I believe in most instances, given enough passion and persistence, talent can be learned. If you dedicate yourself to one thing, all day every day, you’re probably going to get really good at it. Now this can’t be 100% true of course. I see people all the time with more ego than talent. But I guess that is likely part of the problem.

There are some where it seems natural, effortless. Often though there is an intense amount of work and dedication behind it that we don’t see. But what if? What if some of us really just have a natural talent? What if a small percentage of us really are “chosen”?

I don’t have any answers. I only know to encourage it when I see it, wherever it comes from.


I wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank Ann Edall-Robson for nominating me to finish this challenge.  I’ve been having a hard time finding the time to write lately but this really got me back into it, even if they were short pieces.  I’ll be back to the regular scheduled weirdness next week. 

One thought on “Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge: Day 5

  1. The passion is within for most everyone. With encouragement, and yes persistence, it can rear its head to take you to heights unknown.

    Your son’s drawing is wonderful. It’s cool that you encourage him; and show off his work.

    Looking forward to more of your “regular scheduled weirdness” in the up-coming weeks.

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