Fun With Time and Space: Part 2 (aka P is for Pterosaur)

“Or-nith-omimus.  Don’t worry, they’re not dangerous,” the kid says.  “They eat fruit and eggs and stuff.”

“How could that thing not be dangerous?  Wait, was that some kind of dinosaur?”

“Yes!  They’re sort of like Ostriches.”

“Only bigger.”


“Perfect.  You know Ostriches are really mean right?”

The kid doesn’t respond, he’s already freaking out again and pointing off in the distance.  “Look!  Look!”

I look up to see a small flock of some sort of flying animal coming our way.  As they get closer I notice the distinct lack of feathers, and the unmistakable presence of teeth.

“Pterosaurs!  I’d have to get a better look to know what species they are though,” the kid says.

“I’m ok with not figuring that out thank you very much.”

“It’s alright, they’re just small, look at em!”

One of the Terro things breaks away from the others and dives down towards a clump of reeds on the edge of the water.  It tags the reeds with its back legs, which scares up a swarm of flying insects.  When I say flying insects, of course I mean freaky Dragon Fly looking things as big as dinner plates.  The Terro things swoop back and forth, over and over, snatching the oversized bugs out of the air.

“That’s not right,” the kid says, “Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Carboniferous.  They’re all from different periods.”

“Listen kid, I don’t know where we are, but I get the feeling this isn’t a natural place.  Someone built this, for what reason I’m not sure I want to find out.”

Suddenly the sunless sky is eclipsed by something massive overhead.  I shield my eyes as a gust of wind nearly flattens us to the ground.



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