Fun With Time and Space: Part 3 (aka Q is for Quetzalcoatlus)

Something like the Terro things, but about twenty times the size, drops out of the sky over us.  Its massive beak, which surely could have swallowed both of us whole, opens wide as it skims toward the water.  One of the Terro’s is caught off guard and with one sickening snap it’s done for.

The monster banks high and to the left, it circles and drops to the patchy grass in front of us.  It claps its jaws twice more, finishing off what I fear is just an appetizer.  It stops for a second, and then turns its attention to us.

“Wow, a Quetzalcoatlus!”

“So, we should be running now, right?”

The kid’s moment of awe quickly passes, “Oh.  Yeah.  We should.”

The monster, I’m not even going to try and pronounce this one, lets out a deep, harsh croak and starts coming towards us.  Its wings are folded and clawing at the ground as it gains speed.  A four legged bird isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve seen lately, but it’s up there.

I’m scrambling to get moving while dragging the kid along behind me.  The monster is gaining on us, I can hear that crazy beak clacking in anticipation, and then I feel the tip graze my arm.

“Holy sh…” There’s a flash and the familiar scent of ozone.  I open my eyes and the prehistoric menagerie is gone.


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