Fun With Time and Space: Part 2 (aka P is for Pterosaur)

“Or-nith-omimus.  Don’t worry, they’re not dangerous,” the kid says.  “They eat fruit and eggs and stuff.”

“How could that thing not be dangerous?  Wait, was that some kind of dinosaur?”

“Yes!  They’re sort of like Ostriches.”

“Only bigger.”


“Perfect.  You know Ostriches are really mean right?”

The kid doesn’t respond, he’s already freaking out again and pointing off in the distance.  “Look!  Look!”

I look up to see a small flock of some sort of flying animal coming our way.  As they get closer I notice the distinct lack of feathers, and the unmistakable presence of teeth.

“Pterosaurs!  I’d have to get a better look to know what species they are though,” the kid says.

“I’m ok with not figuring that out thank you very much.”

“It’s alright, they’re just small, look at em!”

One of the Terro things breaks away from the others and dives down towards a clump of reeds on the edge of the water.  It tags the reeds with its back legs, which scares up a swarm of flying insects.  When I say flying insects, of course I mean freaky Dragon Fly looking things as big as dinner plates.  The Terro things swoop back and forth, over and over, snatching the oversized bugs out of the air.

“That’s not right,” the kid says, “Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Carboniferous.  They’re all from different periods.”

“Listen kid, I don’t know where we are, but I get the feeling this isn’t a natural place.  Someone built this, for what reason I’m not sure I want to find out.”

Suddenly the sunless sky is eclipsed by something massive overhead.  I shield my eyes as a gust of wind nearly flattens us to the ground.


Fun With Time and Space: Part 1 (aka O is for Ornithomimus)

There’s a bright flash and the smell of ozone.  I try to take a good look around as my eyes adjust.  No seven foot Amazons with spears or rabid alien River Otters, so that’s nice.

The kid has his arms wrapped around my waist.  His death grip is starting to cut off circulation to my lower extremities.  “You ok?”  He looks up at me, wide eyes over top of his fogged up glasses, “Yeah, I think so.”

I turn back to our surroundings.   A wide body of water is off to our right.  Plenty of trees and large leafy plants are scattered behind us and to our left.  We’re right out in the open, standing in a field of scraggly grass mixed with sandy bare spots.  The sky is clear and blue, but there’s something not quite right about it.  It’s like a ceiling that’s been painted to look like the sky, but more hi-tech.  I scan the horizon and then it comes to me.  The thick border of tree line all around us confirms it.  We’re in some kind of enclosure.  I look back to the bright but sunless sky and I get the feeling it’s some sort of aviary, and it’s really big.

I’m working things through in my mind, but I’m distracted by an abuse to my olfactory senses.   “What the hell is that smell?”  A rustling to our left catches my attention.  Suddenly I’m face to face with this big freaking bird, staring me down with huge yellow eyes.  It’s about eight feet tall and covered in fine feathers, with its stunted wings stuck out from its sides.  I scream.  It may or may not sound like a young girl whose brother has just jumped out at her from a dark closet, but there’s no time to be embarrassed.  Plus it scared the creature enough for it run for cover.  I’m latched on to the kid like he was to me only a few moments ago.

“What the… That’s a… It’s… That was an Ornithomimus!  Cool!”

It takes me a minute to compose myself.  “Oritho what?”

99 Words #12 – Promises (aka N is for Never)

Never again you said.  You can’t make promises I said.

What is tomorrow going to bring?  There’s no way to know until it comes.  For us that usually wouldn’t be something to look forward to, but I thought things had changed.  They certainly aren’t the same.  Yet as I look in to your eyes and see the uncertainty and fear, I can’t help but feel we’ve been here before.

Never again you said.  But then here I am and there you are.  If we make it out of this alive, maybe never again should be more than a promise.


99 Words #11 -Try to Remember (aka M is for Memory)

There’s something you need to hear, before it’s too late.

It will start with a few lost moments.  You walk in to a room, but forget what for.  Maybe you keep misplacing your car keys.  Soon there are gaps in your day.  Chunks of your commute are gone.  Conversations with your best friend are forgotten.  It only gets worse from there.  You miss doctor’s appointments, and your mother’s birthday.  You think you’re losing your mind, but the worst is yet to come.  It all leads to… something.  It’s bad.  I don’t remember for some reason.

Why can’t I remember?

99 Words #10 – Is This the End? (aka L is for Luck)

I’ve always had it pretty good.  No golden touch or anything, but I’ve managed to avoid a lot of the bad stuff in life.  I don’t really ever get sick.  I’ve never been dumped.  I’ve never lost a loved one to a horrible disease.

Now I’m sitting here, at least one of my legs is broken, I can’t feel anything below my left elbow, and I can barely see through the warm blood dripping down in to my eyes.  I get the feeling, as the guttural snarling closes in around me, that my luck might finally have run out.


99 Words #9 – The Day It All Disappeared (aka K is for Keyboard)

My hands are twitchy.  I feel my cheeks flush.  I’m generally uncomfortable in my own skin.  I catch myself holding my breath.  I’m not sure what to do.

I shift in my chair, but I can’t divert my attention.  I keep staring at it.  It keeps staring at me.  I can hear it taunting me.

“Whatsa matter pumpkin?  All outta ideas?”

This shouldn’t be so hard.  But that doesn’t excuse the reality of the situation.  What once came so easily is now elusive.  And so I sit, anxious and uncertain.

The screen is still blank.  The keyboard is laughing.

99 Words #8 – What Are You Waiting For? (aka J is for Jump)

I’m so tired of watching the people I care about make themselves sick by waiting for “one day”.  Fear and distraction steal from us time that we’ll never get back, and we forget that sometimes there is no tomorrow.

So what are we waiting for?

I struggle with that question every day.  I know where I want to be, but the path forward is intimidating and uncertain, so I fall back to the false comfort of the status quo.

No more.  Why be afraid of the future you seek if you’re not happy with today?  It’s time to jump.


99 Words #7 – Untitled (I is for Inconsistencies)

I’m curious how many around me live their lives at odds with their core beliefs.  It seems that people, who would otherwise oppose violence and oppression, actively support a society that values cruelty and degradation.

Do we live this way because we’ve been taught it is the only path?  Is it because we don’t know how to change?  Or is it because we are immersed in fear, confusion, and distraction?

If only we could give ourselves permission to plant the seed that lies within our consciousness, the contradictions by which we all live could finally be put behind us.

99 Words #6 – Dreams Do Come True (aka H is for Hello)

I had a dream last night.

I was walking down a narrow path edged by grey, lifeless trees.  Faceless people would keep their distance as they shuffled past.  I feared I would disappear in to the monotone scenery until a burst of colour up ahead completely mesmerized me.

The vision, nearly forgotten as I shuffled out of work that afternoon, came back clear to my mind then.  She was even more radiant than I remembered.  Before I knew what was happening, she was standing in front of me, and I uttered the single word that changed my life forever.

They Named the Dog Shane (aka G is for Greyhound)

They named the dog Shane.  That’s my name too.  Mom and Dad said he was called that before he came here, but I’m not sure I believe them.  Mom and Dad love to bring strays in, and then find them “real homes”.  I get a little tired of it sometimes.  Someone is always eating my stuffies or snatching my dinner off the table.

Shane, not me, the dog, is different though.  Dad calls him a Lurcher.  That means he’s mostly a Greyhound but has other stuff in there too.  Dad says he was used for racing and hasn’t lived in a house with people before.  That’s probably why he peed on the living room wall yesterday.

Shane, the dog again, is super skinny and his teeth aren’t so good.  Dad says we’re going to fatten him up a little, and he soaks his food so he can eat better.  It’s not fair cause I’m told I have to eat what I’m given or I don’t eat at all.

Shane, the dog again, is a pretty good boy overall.  He loves pets and doesn’t jump up on the couch, yet anyway.  He likes to play in the house though, and Mom says he sounds like a herd of Elephants, but she says that about me and my brothers too.

Shane, the dog that is, does growl at me sometimes if I get too close when he’s lying on his bed.  Dad says he’s probably sleeping with his eyes open again and I scared him.  How’s that my fault?  I told Dad he shouldn’t sleep with his eyes open but he says that’s just what they do.

Dad has all sorts of weird nicknames for Shane, the dog, not me.  Needle nose, puffy cheeks, the 70 kilometer per hour lap dog, or the world’s fastest couch potato.  It’s because they run really fast but lay around and sleep all day, just like Shane, the dog of course.

Will I miss him when he’s gone?  I don’t know.  Dad keeps joking that when he gets adopted he’s going to yell out “come back Shane!”  I don’t know what that means, but parents can be pretty crazy sometimes.