The Flood – Part 8

At first I think I’m in that space between waking and dreams. There are soft creaking noises, and a sensation of pressure that’s unusual. It’s the smell that gets to me. I open my eyes to a strange reflection on the ceiling and everything comes together.

Adrenalin hits and I’m up like a shot. I push the curtains aside. My hands are shaking. The water is deep, it’s almost to the loft of the barn. Everything looks calm enough, but that illusion is broken when a clutch of young Poplars near the end of the drive uproot and drift out of sight.

I throw on the first pair of pants I can find and then run to the hall. Dark water is lapping at the first step before the corner going down. Jesus, it looks like it’s coming higher. No time to think, I turn back, and slam through Tess’s door.

“Wake up baby, you need to wake up, we have to go!”

She mumbles something and starts to turn over but I’m already moving.

We have a rule now that Zoe is getting older, knock first. It’s habit, so I do it now, even though I don’t wait for a response, “Zoe! Get up, I need help.”

I turn toward the end of the hall. John’s door is open. I have a bad feeling, but I have to check.

“John? John!” His room is empty. I look back toward the stairwell. There’s no time, we have to get moving.




Wonder what’s going on? Start here -> The Flood – Prologue

Photo by Andrew Small on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “The Flood – Part 8

  1. Ohhhh Geeeezzzz! Really? You are leaving us hanging . . . here? The next installment has to be sooner than planned . . . right?

    I love how this story is coming together. Good job in keeping the interest and the storyline on the edge.


  2. Sorry, Part 9 is already scheduled for Thursday morning. 🙂 Maybe I should step up the pace? At this point I think there’s only 10 or so installments before it wraps up.

    Thanks for you comments!


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