The Flood – Part 9

I’m searching for an old duffle bag in the back of my closet. Zoe is at my door, “Dad, what’s going on?”

“Get dressed, pack some spare clothes. Get Tess to do the same.”

“Dad, but…”

“Now! Please! There’s not much time.”

I push past her and head back to the stairs. I take a deep breath and wade in. The water is up to my chest as I enter the kitchen. It’s freezing, I having trouble breathing. I can only get to the upper cabinets so I grab what I can. It’s not much, granola bars, crackers, and half a pack of fruit cups.

My legs are numb. I stumble and nearly fall before I make it to the top of the stairs. The girls are waiting

for me. Zoe is pale, on the verge of breaking down. Tess is already there.

“Zoe, grab some blankets, there should be a case of water in the back of the closet too. Tess, I need you to grab the first aid kit from the bathroom, okay? Can you do that for me?”


“I know you’re scared baby, I really need you to do this for me though.”

I dash back to my bedroom window. My heart drops when I see a shadow that turns out to be the roof of my truck under the surface. Just as I’m about to lose all hope, I see it. John’s boat is tarped up and floating just around the corner of the barn.




Wonder what’s going on? Start here -> The Flood – Prologue


2 thoughts on “The Flood – Part 9

  1. Here comes the boat to save them . . . and John, too. Right? I love how you leave a little bit of a cliff hanger at the end of each segment you post. Let’s us try to make up the story, yet fills us with anticipation of what you will write.

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