The Flood – Part 10


“Shit shit shit. Come on man, you can do this.”

I’m hanging out of my bedroom window like some stupid teenager trying to sneak out after curfew. The water’s only a few feet below the ledge now. This is the shortest distance to the barn, all I need to do is drop my ass in the water. Easier said than done. Janine was the swimmer, I’m praying that I learned a thing or two from her. Alright, this needs to happen now before I talk myself out of it…

The world goes dark and cold. Can’t breathe. Can barely think. I point myself towards the barn and start swimming. I’m pushing as hard as I can with every stroke, every kick. I think I’m making good progress until I pause to look up. Damn it. Not even half way there and I’m drifting off course. The current is stronger than I thought. Need to focus. Keep kicking. Bring the left arm over, then the right. Left. Right. Check for direction. Keep going, keep pushing.

I’m startled when my fingers clip the hull of the boat. I swing an arm up over the side but can’t get a grip. The second time I find purchase. Trying to pull myself up is a whole other situation though. It feels like there’s a thousand pounds of dead weight hanging on my legs. I don’t think I have it in me, I’m shaking all over, but I can’t give up now. I just can’t.




Photo by Samara Doole on Unsplash

Wonder what’s going on? Start here -> The Flood – Prologue

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