The Flood – Part 13


Our first night in the boat wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After a breakfast of a granola bar each I did an inventory of our supplies. The food and water are going fast, I’m doing my best to ration but I don’t know how much longer they’ll last. Stashed in the crates there were a few tools, a couple lengths of rope, and some strange mechanical bits. Nothing much useful as far as I can see. I did find an old coffee tin which has helped the bathroom situation some.

A pair of ducks have been hanging out about fourty feet off the nose of the boat. It’s a nice distraction. Something normal in this whole mess. Tess is drumming her fingers on the side of the boat, “Come on, come here Duckies.”

The ducks continue to paddle around the same couple of square feet, scooping water with their beaks and quacking to themselves. I will admit that the idea of Duck for dinner has crossed my mind more than once, but knowing my luck I’d end up capsizing the boat in an attempt at capture and drown us all.

Zoe brushes a stray wisp of hair behind her ear, “Dad, can you pass me a water?”

“Me too please,” Tess says.

“Sure,” I turn to pull a couple bottles from behind me. There’s some sort of commotion in the water. I hand Zoe and Tess their bottles as a lone duck takes to the air.




Wonder what’s going on? Start here -> The Flood – Prologue



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