The Flood – Part 20


The first drops of rain hit my face. I wipe at them and my hand comes away the colour of red clay. It hardly registers. I’ve been running on pure adrenaline, but I can feel the tank is almost empty.

Whatever the hell those things are, I’m positive they’re toying with us. They never get closer than about thirty feet out, and they’ve been doing circles around the boat and the barn for the last twenty minutes. They’re trying to wear us down, and it’s working.

Tess is calling to me. She’s wrapped in a blanket, propped up against her sister. Her face is gaunt, her eyes are hollow. It hurts me so bad to see her this way that I nearly forget what’s going on around us.


“Dad, Grandma says it’s time. It’s time to make all the bad things go away.”

She pulls back a corner of tarp. I don’t know what it is, but the chaotic tangle of wires and repurposed machinery has John’s name written all over it. It’s beautiful. That’s the only way I can put it. It doesn’t make sense, but it feels important.

I’m distracted by a commotion in the water. They’re coming for us. I can see their dark eyes for the first time, and I sense no hesitation.

My hand is drawn to the small red button set on one corner of the machine. There’s an audible click as it hits home, and then the world is bathed in light.




Wonder what’s going on? Start here -> The Flood – Prologue



2 thoughts on “The Flood – Part 20

  1. Hello everyone. This was a lot of fun for me (until it wasn’t, right near the end, but we made it right?). I’d like to do this again so I’m hoping to get some feedback. I’m going to write write what I’m going to write, but I wanted to see if there were any thoughts on the timing. I won’t be sticking to the precise 250 word count of each post next time so some will be longer but some might be shorter. Does twice a week work? Should it be three? I don’t know if I can commit to much more than that as life is busy and I would also like to spend some time with a much larger writing project that I have been neglecting. Either way, thanks for following along, I hope you come back in a couple weeks when the next story begins.


  2. Well done, Shane! The Flood has been an excellent interlude twice a week. Congratulations on always just enough to wet the appetite for the next installment. Now that you have reached the 20th piece of the story, where you told us this storyline would end, I feel you have set the scene to make it into a wonderful, intriguing short story or maybe a book.

    For me, I like the twice a week, 250-word (+/-) format and I look forward to you sharing your next literary endeavor with us.

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