99 Words #28 – A Sign

She puts her arm out in front of me. “Wait.”

“What’s wrong?”

She’s looking up to the sky. A magpie is flying toward the east.

“It’s a,” she snaps her fingers three times, “what’s the word?”

I shake my head and shrug.

“An omen, or… a sign!”

She lowers her head and pauses. “Look.”

At first I’m not sure what she’s pointing at. Across the clearing I see a break in the trees. Snow has been shaken from the lower branches but the ground is smooth.

She grabs my jacket at the elbow and pulls. “We should turn back.”


This was written in response to the February 7, 2019 flash fiction prompt from Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch. You can learn more here –

February 7: Flash Fiction Challenge


Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash



This and That but Mostly the Other is a collection of moments, from the briefest glimpse to those more complex. It’s about introductions and endings. It is a reminder of what was, and a glimpse of things to come. Available in print-on-demand and e-book February 2019.

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