Choose Well: Part 3

“Let’s say, just for a moment, that you are wrong. Given the chance, what would you wish for?”

“I’m not sure. What do people normally wish for in these types of situations? You know, given the chance.”

“Well,” the genie said, crossing his arms and leaning back, “that is a very good question. For the most part they are the same. Love, or hate, or greed. The most basic of instincts I suppose. A lot of people ask for money. The problem with that is, once you get some, you generally want more. Perhaps that goes for most things though.  Answer me this. Why are there billionaires? Who could ever need that much? I’ll tell you, it comes down to power over others. Why else would it be necessary? One person could eliminate most of the world’s poverty, but does it happen? Of course not.” The man shook his head. “All that money, just sitting around. When they die it goes to their children, or their lawyers, and the cycle will repeat. How does that make any sense?”

“So is that why people ask for it? Just to be rich?”

“Some think it will give them freedom. From what? That is different each time. I never understood it, truth be told. Trust me, true freedom isn’t something you would enjoy. We all need things to attach ourselves to. Not physical things mind you, but people, or ideals. These help define who you are. Anyway, most are just greedy, I suppose.”



This and That but Mostly the Other is a collection of moments, from the briefest glimpse to those more complex. It’s about introductions and endings. It is a reminder of what was, and a glimpse of things to come. Available in print and e-book TODAY!!!

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