Choose Well: Part 4

“Speaking of being greedy, asking for more wishes, that’s a classic. It doesn’t happen as often as you’d think these days. Usually it comes from the old, because they know the fairy tales, or from the young, because they’re very good at finding ways to get what they want. It should be easy, right? Just ask for more.  A hundred maybe, or a hundred thousand, or the largest number you can think of. Who wouldn’t want to have so many second chances? If the first wish doesn’t work out, you can try and fix it. I’ve always wondered though, would anything ever get done? If you had so many opportunities to make things perfect, would there be anything else? All your time would be spent adjusting, going back to a single moment over and over again. There would be nothing else but the act of trying to make life the way you want it to be, but at the same time it’s slipping through your fingers. Experiencing the good and the bad is what life is all about. You know, life is the journey, not the destination.” The man took another drag from his cigarette. “Anyway, back to my point. People ask, but in this case they don’t get. The universe is generous, but only to a point, no matter what people believe. One opportunity to change the course of history is a gift that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sometimes you only get one chance, you’d better make it count.”



This and That but Mostly the Other is a collection of moments, from the briefest glimpse to those more complex. It’s about introductions and endings. It is a reminder of what was, and a glimpse of things to come. Available in print and e-book February 2019.

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