The Demon

I turned the light on and pointed it toward the painting on the wall. The brush strokes grew and flowed and shrank. The demon opened its eyes.

“My task is complete. Set me free.”

“No,” I said. “I’m quite enjoying our arrangement.”

“We had a deal,” the demon said.

“A deal that is no more a thing than the words spoken to seal it. If our positions were reversed I doubt you would think twice about doing the same.”

The demon bared his needle-like teeth. “When I escape this prison know that the tasks I have been performing for you will be a kindness compared to your fate.”

I shrugged. “We’ll deal with that when the time comes. Until then, I have something I need you to take care of.”




Art by Kaleigh Kanary

3 thoughts on “The Demon

    1. I was just talking about how this could fit in somewhere. Middle child Riley came up with the idea of a demon trapped in a painting last night at dinner when he saw Kaleigh’s painting in my office. I ran with it and this is what came out. The painting itself is part of a different project, something a lot darker, that I will be finishing this week. More to come!

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