Beyond the Divide: Part 10

“Where are we going?” Liz said.

“For a walk,” Evie said. “There’s something I think you should see.”

Liz followed after Evie as she walked. They went on for some time. The buildings started to get smaller, and further apart. They looked older. The trees were taller, and more birds could be heard flying in and around them.

The sidewalk tapered, and then Evie turned to walk under an ornate wrought iron arch. It was wide and tall enough for a truck to drive through, and the gates were chained open. Evie walked along the side of the now gravel road with her hands behind her back. Liz scanned the names on the headstones as they passed. Many were too weathered to read.

Evie left the path and went up a small, grass covered hill. At the top was a group of trees. Liz took her own path through, but came to stand beside Evie in the shade of the last. The view of the cemetery was impressive. They had a clear line of sight to everything in front of them.

“This is nice.”

Evie smiled and nodded.

“Is there a reason we’re here?”

Evie looked up to Liz but held her right hand out. Liz turned in the direction that she was pointing.

“Oh,” Liz said.




Image by Kaleigh Kanary


3 thoughts on “Beyond the Divide: Part 10

  1. Your stories draw me in.
    I look forward to each addition, and hold my breath that it will not be the last.
    Only to leave us simmering and wanting to know more. Having to wait for it to come out as a published book.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Ann! This one isn’t even half over yet, but I finished writing it last night. I’m excited to see what it becomes in print because we have something special planned, fingers crossed it will become a reality.

    Liked by 1 person

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