Beyond the Divide: Part 22

Mark sat on a bus bench with a wood slat seat and a billboard for a back. He was beside a smiling realtor’s face that someone had drawn a curled moustache and soul patch on. He shifted forward with his elbows on his knees. The flash drive twisted in his hands as he flipped it open and closed. It was bright blue with a silver cover, and had a logo on the front that Mark didn’t recognize.

A cold wind pushed against his face. He squinted and looked up into what was left of the day’s light, then checked his watch. It showed ten minutes past nine. Mark pulled at his collar and sighed. The cold was one thing, but the hint of rain in the air bothered him most of all.

Mark heard tires on the gravel laneway, and then headlights swept across the parking lot and the bench where he was sitting. The car stopped a few metres away. The driver’s door opened, and a silhouette stepped out. The low rumble of the engine did not cease.

The silhouette walked forward. When it moved in the path of the headlights, Mark could see it was Detective Kohli. Her face was masked in shadows, but Mark thought that she looked tired, or nervous. It was something he could relate to.

“Hello, Mr. Odera.”

“Hi,” Mark said.

“Do you have the flash drive?”

“Yeah, of course.” Mark held up the drive by the key ring.

Detective Kohli held out her hand.

Mark stood and stepped toward her. “I hope this will do some good.” He set the flash drive in the detective’s hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Odera. It will do more good than you know.”

Mark looked over to the second car door when it opened. Another silhouette walked out into the light. Christopher had his hands in his pants pockets, and a wide smile on his face. Mark turned toward Detective Kohli and froze. She had her pistol sighted between his eyes.

Christopher raised the flat of his hand. “Wait,” he pointed toward Mark, “I have an idea.”




Image by Kaleigh Kanary



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