Beyond the Divide: Part 24

Mark recoiled at the sight and dropped the gun to the ground. “What the hell?”

Sonja looked from the gun to Christopher. She raised an arm and pitched forward to push Mark out of the way, then scooped the gun from the ground with her free hand. She stepped back and levelled the barrel at Mark. “Christopher? What’s going on?”

Christopher frowned. “I’m not sure.” He shrugged and turned back to the car. “Oh well, just shoot him.”


Christopher stopped and looked back. “Shoot him already!”

Sonja licked her lips and turned her head toward Christopher. She looked into his clear eyes and saw their future, her future. It was full of darkness and pain. The beginnings of a smile grew on his face, then he twitched, and it all washed away. Christopher let out a sharp breath and fell to his knees, limp like a broken doll.

Sonja spun back to focus on Mark and firmed her stance. Her breathing was ragged and short, and her hand shook.

Mark stepped forward. “Wait, please.”

A gunshot echoed away, and then urgent voices shouted and red and blue lights reflected across the landscape. 




Image by Kaleigh Kanary

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