99 Words #17 – The Colour of My Mind (aka W is for When)

For better or worse, I’ve always been a product of my environment.  I absorb the attitude and energy of what is around me, and that is what I present to the world.  It’s not intentional.  In fact, until recently I didn’t give it much thought.  The problem is that I’m beginning to believe this is … Continue reading 99 Words #17 – The Colour of My Mind (aka W is for When)

My Favourite

I’m sitting in the corner of the kitchen, snuggled up with Harley as he sleeps. The constant rhythm of his chest expanding and contracting is comforting. He is warm and familiar. With me as always is my pink blanket. I don’t go anywhere without it. Well, since my white one was taken from me anyway. … Continue reading My Favourite


The aftermath of dinner service covered every available flat surface. Saute pans had been stacked up on one side of the range top. Smoke from the broiler billowed and twisted under the harsh fluorescent hood lights, the temperature maxed to burn off bits of meat and fat. Sam piled up empty containers and food stained … Continue reading Chocolate