The Doom Project



I am yours now, together we are whole.

I will caress your cheek, to wipe away the tears and blood.

I will kiss your eyes, and then pick them from your skull.

I will feel your heartbeat, before I silence it for good.

You are mine now, until the end of time.






What would come to be known as The Doom Project first tickled at my brain cells three years ago. The words came but so did an image, one that I knew I was not capable of making a reality on my own. With that understanding, the few lines of text on a sheet of notebook paper were put in a folder and set aside. Last year I brought the idea up to my friend Kaleigh. To make a very long story short, this is the result of our efforts. Kaleigh created the image, I created the words and the frame.

It’s dark, and perhaps a little unsettling, but I love it. I only wish my photography skills were at a level that I could do it justice here. I want to say I hope you enjoy it, but I know it’s not everyone’s idea of a good time. That’s okay though, this one was for me, and I’m grateful that it has finally become a reality.