99 Words #20 – Smile

I’m sitting here thinking about cancer, and I’ve decided that life isn’t fair.

Celebrities get shout outs and hashtags, while our friends and family are taken from us and nobody knows. Everyone is talented. Everyone is important. Right?

I’m lost in thought, when the boy pops up in front of me. He’s grinning ear to ear, tongue sticking through the space where a tooth used to be.

“Hi dad.”

Just as quickly, he disappears. I realize that maybe I’ve got it all wrong. It’s not about recognition, it’s what we do with the time we are given that counts.




99 Words #18 – Keep Walking (aka Y is for Yesteryear)

We hang on to the past so tightly.  Fond memories and stories.  Pictures and special mementos.  We also hold on to things that offer us no benefit.  Perceptions and expectations.  Fears and regrets.  The person you are today was built upon all of your experiences, good and bad, but you don’t need to let those things define you.

I was asked a question today.  If I could tell my 16 year old self anything, what would it be?  My response was, no matter how bad things look right now, everything is going to be all right.  Just keep walking.



99 Words #17 – The Colour of My Mind (aka W is for When)

For better or worse, I’ve always been a product of my environment.  I absorb the attitude and energy of what is around me, and that is what I present to the world.  It’s not intentional.  In fact, until recently I didn’t give it much thought.  The problem is that I’m beginning to believe this is no way to live!  When do I get to be me?

Today, things change.  From now on, when I speak, I will use my own words.  When I act, it will be for my own reasons.  When I leave, I will not look back.

99 Words #16 – The Path #2 (aka V is for Verity)

Our path isn’t always clear.  It may have once seemed that way, but what used to be a wide and well defined trail can turn thin and overgrown.  One day you’re busy forging ahead, just like usual, and then you look up and you’re lost.  Don’t panic, it happens.

Try something for me.  From now on, speak only the truth.  Do not be concerned if it doesn’t comply with what your society, church, or mother says.  Be true to yourself.  Because when you leave falsehoods behind your situation will begin to change.  Your true path will become clear again.


99 Words #8 – What Are You Waiting For? (aka J is for Jump)

I’m so tired of watching the people I care about make themselves sick by waiting for “one day”.  Fear and distraction steal from us time that we’ll never get back, and we forget that sometimes there is no tomorrow.

So what are we waiting for?

I struggle with that question every day.  I know where I want to be, but the path forward is intimidating and uncertain, so I fall back to the false comfort of the status quo.

No more.  Why be afraid of the future you seek if you’re not happy with today?  It’s time to jump.


99 Words #7 – Untitled (I is for Inconsistencies)

I’m curious how many around me live their lives at odds with their core beliefs.  It seems that people, who would otherwise oppose violence and oppression, actively support a society that values cruelty and degradation.

Do we live this way because we’ve been taught it is the only path?  Is it because we don’t know how to change?  Or is it because we are immersed in fear, confusion, and distraction?

If only we could give ourselves permission to plant the seed that lies within our consciousness, the contradictions by which we all live could finally be put behind us.