Rinn – Interlude

When was the last time you layed down on soft green grass and did nothing but watch the clouds go by? I certainly can’t remember, but I did today. I’m not sure why. It just felt like the right thing to do.

When you’re young you might see ponies or space ships. Harmless visions that spur the imagination. Today, I only saw dragons. Large and small. Fierce and content. Sometimes in battle or swift flight. Constantly shifting and contorting, they were formed by the clouds and by the spaces between them. They came to me, one after the other, for what felt like hours. I watched them and wondered what it said about me today. This worn and battered adult, who’s innocence is lost, staring at the sky and daring to imagine.

I used to wonder what dragons were like. How they moved. What they smelled like. I often thought about where they went. I don’t wonder about these things any more.